The Smart Community

Sellafield Ltd.

Sellafield Ltd. needed to attract candidates in order to recruit for their new graduate scheme. The campaign needed to recruit the right candidates who had the same values as the company, but it also needed to show the location as an exciting, great place to be as it would involve relocation for most of the applicants.

We created ‘The Smart Community’, which focuses on the benefits of becoming part of a network of ambitious, team-spirited graduates, which will help shape the future – not just for the Sellafield site, but for the world’s nuclear sector. Choosing illustrator Adam Quest to create a unique aerial map, because of his distinct and illustrative style which would appeal to our target audience and would stand out from other similar companies recruiting. The materials designed included posters, digital banners, brochures, fold-out maps given out to students on open days, and also to the website where they could apply.