Eureka Moments

University of Bristol

The University of Bristol needed to recruit for a really senior role. They had to compete against the other top ranking universities in order to get the best candidates applying. They had to stand out and do something different, something that your typical University wouldn’t do, like recruit for an ‘Associate Dean of Eureka Moments’.

We created a bold, forwardthinking campaign, that would appeal to the right candidate who would inspire students of the University. Creating a simple and bold two-colour design that uses iconography to show the intellectual, ideagenerator type role. The campaign was nominated for ‘Best Print Ad’, and ‘Best Use of Copywriting’ at the CIPD Awards 2015, and also went viral on academic social media, and therefore succeeded in raising interest in a unique position. The campaign received far more suitable applicants that expected, whilst enhancing the public image of the University as a forwardthinking, inspirational place to learn.